New Professors in the Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering extends a welcoming greeting to the new professors, all recently vinculated to Universidad del Valle through the Semillero and Replacement calling for professors. Their entry took place during this year’s first semester.

There are 11 new professors who now are a part of the faculty of engineering, most of them have had their bachelor’s degree and their postgraduate degree at our university and are glad of belonging to our faculty, therefore also to teach each of the academic units that make it up. 

This is the case of professor Andrés David Restrepo Girón, who states: “I’m a graduate from here, in three occasions actually, I did my bachelor’s here, my master’s and my doctorate. I was first a teacher at a private university, at Universidad Santiago de Cali, I was there for 11 years as a professor, but always with the goal of eventually teaching here, because of the academic and investigative level, the bond with the community and companies.” 

Same way, Professor Juan Sebastián Guerrero Pérez, says enthusiastically: "I joined Universidad del Valle in 2003, the Chemical Engineering program, I am practically a son to the Faculty both at undergraduate, master's and doctoral level."

The new teachers have high expectations regarding their teaching activity in the Faculty, they are also very pleased to offer their knowledge to the students of Universidad del Valle, also to belong to an institution that has high quality standards in their academic and investigative training, because of its for 10 year Acreditación Institucional (Institutional Accreditation), granted by the Ministerio de Educación Nacional (National Ministry of Education), as well as the 10 year Acreditación de Alta Calidad (High Quality Accreditation) of the postgraduate, Masters, and Doctorate in Engineering awarded by the MEN.

They did not hesitate to express their expectations: "Well, I have many, I think that now changes are coming at a structural and curricular level, and quality is clearly present all processes, so it will be important for me to be able to contribute to it, see progress for the Faculty and take it to a completely different level," says Professor Juan Sebastián Guerrero.

On the other hand, professor Mónica Alejandra Villaquirán Caicedo says: "I’ve got many expectations, I am very eager to learn, since as a teaching experience I basically only have teaching assistence, so I have great expectation to be able to learn and contribute with my knowledge. For instance, I have been working with some outside groups so I would like to continue with these ties, and also to be able to contribute in the field of engineering materials, where I work, and that we continue with that collaborating spirit that is present in other research groups with which I have worked during the process of my masters and my doctorate ".

Teachers Selected by Teaching Semillero and Replacements
  1. Mónica Alejandra Villaquirán Caicedo 
  2. César Andrés Ojeda Echeverri 
  3. Translation and Localization 
  4. Howard Diego Ramírez Malule 
  5. Oswaldo Edwin Erazo Mesa 
  6. Robinson Andrey Duque Agudelo 
  7. Andrés Mauricio Castillo Robles 
  8. Andrés David Restrepo Girón 
  9. Albio de Jesus Gutiérrez Amador 
  10. Nicolas Pierre Thomas Hermant 
  11. Julio Cesar Caicedo Angulo 
To all the new professors of the Faculty of Engineering, we say welcome, thank you for choosing us to continue with your professional and personal growth. Welcome!

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